plug cock


Perlwitz will take over Erichlandwehr production!

Perlwitz Armaturen will take over the production of plug cocks from Company A+E Armaturen Erichlandwehr GmbH after they have stopped their activities.We have signed an agreement ...

Didtek Valves


Perlwitz new exclusive Agent for Didtek Valves

Since 1st of April 2015, Perlwitz Armaturen GmbH is the official Agent in Germany for Didtek Valve Co. Ltd., Oubei, China. Furthermore we work for Didtek as licensed stockholder ...

SMM 2012


Thank you for visiting Perlwitz on SMM 2012!

Thank you very much for your visit to our booth on exhibition SMM 2012 in Hamburg! In addition we have now finished the update of our website. Last but not least, we have now ...

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